Wednesday, 3 August 2011

To The States...

hi! my name is iiern. i come from Subang Jaya and im currently studying in the University of the Cumberlands, a small private college in a small town called Williamsburg located in Kentucky.

its been a year since i left home for the very first time in my life to an entirely new and strange land: the US of A. my memories of my departure- the days leading to and after- are all just a blur now. however one particular thing that still sticks rather vividly in my head was my fear of the 24 hour+ plane ride that was ahead of me.

just the thought of being in an air plane for that many hours made my imagination run wild! not quite wild to be honest, its just that 24 hours seemed like plenty of time for a disaster in d air!

if you share this fear, fear not. far from it being a disaster, the flight was actually a very pleasant experience. between watching movies(the airline offered a wonderful selection of movies and TV programmes to choose from!), listening to my iPod, eating, and dozing off, the flight went by in a breeze. it might also be comforting to know that with technology nowadays, airplanes are virtually "uncrashable". the odds of dying in an air travel accident are 1-in-20000 compared to 1-in-100 in an auto accident. surprise surprise. besides, where else can you get 24 fours of first class service from a team of good looking air stewardesses?:)

i wish you a safe and pleasant flight!

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